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Iron Removal Filter

Removing the dissolved iron from water, the Iron Removal Filter plays a vital role in the overall water filtration. These Iron Removal Filters are designed by incorporating the modern iron removal technique in compliance with the set industry standards. The range of our Iron Removal Filters comprises of Domestic Iron Removal Filter and Industrial Iron Removal Filter. Our Iron Removal Filter is high in demand in the industry, owing to its matchless performance and longer working life.

Raw water usually contains soluble iron in form of ferrous bicarbonate and in soluble as ferric hydroxide. The water containing ferrous bicarbonate is clear when drawn from a tube well. But as soon as it comes in contact with air develops a whitish haze which on longer standing turns yellowish and then forms yellowish to reddish-brown deposits of hydrated ferric oxide; some of this deposit sticks to the side of the container and the rest sinks to the bottom. Oxidation of ferrous bicarbonate is usually accomplished by the dissolved oxygen introduced into the water by aeration as per following reaction.

  • Water directly from the tube well is first passed into the aeration chamber packed with manganese base catalyst
  • Before entering into the Aeration Chamber air is injected with water from an Air Compressor according to the above reaction iron is oxidized into ferric form water is then passed through the Iron Removal Filter packed with Catalytic Filtering Media Here the residual ferrous iron is oxidized into ferric and entire precipitated ferric hydroxide is filtered out
  • The precipitated and entrapped ferric hydroxide is then removed from the bed during back- washing

  • Homes
  • Laundries
  • Hospitals
  • Air Hotels
  • Conditioning Plants
  • Domestic purposes
  • Tea Garden
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Flats

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Domestic Iron Removal Filter

We are the most trusted name engaged in manufacturing a wide array of Iron Removal Water Filter. These water filters are designed from top quality materials with the help of advance technology. Our Iron Removal Water Filter is precisely used for removing iron salts from water thereby making it fit for industrial use. Moreover, we provide these


Industrial Iron Removal Filter

We are the most trusted name engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Iron Removal Filter. The entire range of filters is made from optimum quality materials. These filters are extensively used for purification of hard water by removing harmful iron salts from water and making it fir for industrial use. We offer our Iron Removal