Ion Water Machineries

Demineralisation Plant

We are a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of Demineralisation Plant. This appliance has extensive applications in thermal plant, pharmaceutical research laboratories, hospitals, silvering units, chemical industries, distilleries, college laboratories, electroplating works, storage of batteries and food processing units. The Demineralisation Plant consists of necessary parts like degasser, buffer or mixed bed exchangers, rubber lined valves, pipelines, ejectors, regeration tanks and so on. As part of its working system, contaminated water enters first into the Anion Exchanger and exchanges all its Anions with the help of Anion Exchange Resins. On the next level, water enters the buffer or mixed bed and transforms into mineral free water. The degasser part eliminates CO2 and alkali of water. The other important information about our standard quality product include.


Warranty 1yrs
Capacity of Demineralisers 50 Liters per hour to 50,000 per hour or higher capacity.
Durability Long Life
Surface Finishing Polished
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Material Metal